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S.E.A. Asset Management invests for its clients in Asian equities and bonds. They focus on under-researched lesser known small and midcaps, as well as under-owned high yielding bonds. Within this context, the firm manages segregated accounts as well as public investment funds and institutional special investment funds. In an interview with the firm’s Alexander Zeeh, he turns the spotlight on the firm’s niche products as well as the challenges of high regulatory and operating costs.

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60-Second Interview
INVESTMENT / 60-Second Interview: The Asian Economic Growth Story

What does your firm’s client base look like?
S.E.A. Asset Management caters to private and institutional investors from Europe and Asia who want to gain exposure to and participate in the Asian economic growth story.

What are your firm’s unique selling points?
As a small operating unit, S.E.A. Asset Management has the ability to offer niche products, for example Asian short duration and high yield bonds to meet the demand gap. Our Singapore base allows us to access Asian corporates that are under researched and identify undervalued investments that offer deep value and high dividend yields coupled with low market correlation. Dual investment strategies of value, investing in good businesses and income generating assets all provide equity clients with higher portfolio stability during unfavourable market conditions.

What are the main challenges facing your company today?
High regulatory and operating costs are some of the challenges we face, as well as competition from low cost products that do not add any value. We run a lean organisation with a low operating cost base and intend to keep it that way. With regards to the firm’s products, we operate in a niche that is difficult to replicate by low cost products, at least for now.

What are the main objectives for your business in the future?
With the funds of S.E.A. Asset Management registered for distribution in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Singapore we are well positioned to penetrate these markets and expand our investor base in Asia as well.